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Mar. 23rd, 2007

Scaredface :c

(no subject)

I don't care what Gin says. I'm the doctor, dammit, and I say man cannot live on mush alone.

Unless it's chocolate mush. Then we'll talk.

Jan. 23rd, 2007

Lady in Red

Gynaecologists a bitch does not make.

"Where are you from, Miss Greyson?"
"I asked-"
"I know what you said, Jool, but can't this wait?"
"Well, if a woman can't hold a friendly chat with her doctor, I don' wanna know who she can chat with, you follow?"
"Jool, this really isn't the time..."
"I don' see why not. S'not like you're putting a lot of effort into it."
"Jool! That has nothing to do with... what I'm... oh, fuck. Fine. I'm from Ariel. Happy now?"
"Yes'm. Where on Ariel?"
"Jool, if you're not done talking in three seconds, I'm going to twist something that wasn't meant to be twisted. Follow?"
"I warnded you. Didn't I warn her, Lady?"
"She did warn you."
"Now will you sit still?"
"I think she learned her lesson."
"I'm inclined to agree."

Why Jordan Greyson Needed a New Job

Kids were not in the job description. She had asked him if there was anything else she needed to know, after he interviewed her, and he had smiled and given her a cheerful 'nope!'
She had taken the job because she was looking for a nice, sedate place of business for a while--away from the hectic life she had been living the past few months, what with the brothels and the free clinics in populous planets--and, admitedly, it paid well, but Jordan was just pleased for the peace and quite and a soft bed.
So she had packed up her bag and settled into Warrington Greene's house, an elaborate villa on a little coast of Persephone. He showed her around the house, explained her duties (nurse for his aging mother and general patcher-upper) and let her loose. She wandered around the house for a while before nearly tripping over a kid with her face in the corner. The girl whipped around and stared at Jordan before opening her little mouth and screaming her head off.
A small dark-haired woman rocketed around the corner and hoisted the girl onto her shoulders. "You must be the nurse. You musn't disturb the children; they're very tempermental," she said, the girl's cries muffled in her blouse.
"How many are there?" Jordan asked.
"Twelve," the woman said, and took off in the opposite direction when another loud scream came from down the hall.
Fuck me sideways 'till I cry.
And that was why Jordan quit her job three minutes later.

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